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When you have the know-how, making in income from blogging is simple! This comprehensive 220-page guide contains insider knowledge from professionals that have made it big in the blogosphere, to help you and your blog reach the stars.

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Chapter 1: Identify your niche

Explore proven tools & techniques used to reveal the best niche topics, and determine your own by completing the activities.

Chapter 2: Revenue models

From automated banner ads through to selling ebooks, there's plenty of ways to make money blogging. This chapter explains which is best for you.

Chapter 3: Domain names

How-to secure the optimal domain name, detailing the best keywords and suffixes to use, plus handy tools to fast-track your search.

Chapter 4: Why use WordPress

When blogging for long-term income, WordPress offers distinct advantages which you will discover for yourself as you read through this chapter.

Chapter 5: Web hosting

Choosing a web host is like choosing a life partner. You'll need them through thick and through thin! This chapter walks you through the process.

Chapter 6: Blog configuration

Find out how to install and set up WordPress for long-term search engine optimisation, and how to design and implement your own branding.

Chapter 7: Writing content

Coming up with a great idea for your next blog post can be hard work. Follow the WISPR Content Formula to consistently write awesome content.

Chapter 8: Analyse & refine

Like any journey, there will be opportunities along the way that can propel you forward – the trick is identifying them!

Read. Learn. Create.

Writing a blog post is easier than you think, managing an entire blog a little harder. This eBook will teach you how to successfully launch a money-making blog.


The Author

Jake Falkinder has achieved success as a blogger on the international stage, working with leading blogs and brands across the globe.

Jake launched his first blog, TshirtAlert.com, in 2003 and went on to sell it to fund a home renovation.

His opinions have been showcased across numerous print, digital and audio platforms including The Vine, Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, Network and Interactive Minds.  More recently Jake has been committing time to his own blog, TheFreedomChaser.com.

Jake resides on the sunny Gold Coast in Australia, where he enjoys an active lifestyle by the beach.


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